A little bit about us!

Lauren - Dog Walker and founder of D.A.D

My name is Lauren, and Ive been running Daft About Dogs Dog Walking since March 2017. My love for dogs started at around 4years old when my grandmother had a wee Jack Russell, Clio; from then on, I was always a dog lover! My parents finally gave in and we welcomed a dog to our family home, Taz the Jack Russell, who is now 16years old and still going strong!

Life went on and I ended up in Scotland with my now husband, and we were finally in a position to welcome a dog into our home. We decided that we wanted to rescue early on and came across the Scottish Greyhound Sanctuary. Since then, we have welcomed 4 greyhounds into our home, with Harry and Eliza still currently with us. 

I worked in a variety of places, including retail and the care sector; but never felt truly happy or fulfilled. We used a dog walker ourselves and I plucked up the courage to ask her about the job she does, and the rest is history! 

Daft About Dogs was born in March 2017 and I have never looked back. We are looking to the future and keep checking for updates for our exciting new plans ahead!

Joanne - Dog Walker

My name is Joanne and I moved to Scotland in 2018 from Sheffield after I'd been working in engineering research for around 10years; but my heart just wasn't in it anymore and I was in search of a new life and adventure!

My love for animals started with cats in the family home until my auntie had a GSD/lab cross in my early teens and my love for dogs began! Our first family dog, terrier Honey was rescued from our local shelter in Sheffield until I took on my own rescue dog, Teddy who came with me to Scotland. Whilst working as a walker, I adopted my spaniel boy Buster along with Teddy who have sadly now both passed. I now have two rescues from Spain, Rowan and Angus.

I found work early on in hospitality and took on Lauren as my dog walker to see to Teddy on my long working days. It wasn't long until I too became curious about the dog walking business and the D.A.D team was born!

With my growing experience with rescues and the various issues they have, including reactivity, I would like to pursue courses in Dog Training and handling in the future.